Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pan Seared Peach with Yogurt topping

Yogurt with fruits has always been my favourite snack time... I also have been taking them to relief constipation sometimes... *ehem*... Disgusting, I know...

Anyways, as I went to shop for my favourite yogurt flavour with my husband, we were approached by promoters and she tried to hard-sell NESTLÉ Natural Set Yogurt to us... There she was, being enthusiastic, scooped carrot-yogurt fried rice onto sample cups and passed it to us... Usually I don't accept free food from them but my husband already had the cup in his hands and started tasting it before I could say no... Sigh... Ok lor... I give it a try as well... 

I was expecting the fried rice to be sour but surprisingly there was none... It tasted creamy (not those heavy cream's creamy.. The creaminess is very light)... We tasted the plain flavour from Fat Free yogurt series and it was sooooooo sour and I could not imagine to add them into our cooking... However, this newly launched yogurt's different... It does have a hint of sour but it's acceptable... It's quoted to help cooking enthusiasts to experiment and create wonderful dishes that will pleasantly surprise you... Hmmm...

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Okay... I will give it a try since it's quite cheap... Only costs RM5.50... I was given a complimentary recipe book too... Interesting stuffs... Since I've never used yogurt for cooking before, I started off with a dessert recipe... So I did some research and I found what I like... Pan seared Peach with yogurt... This only took me about 15 minutes to prepare and it's surprisingly yummy...

All you need are these


Sliced them up and coat them with white/brown sugar

Add half tsp of butter and sear them

Sear them till it caramelized

Set aside to cool

Arrange them on a plate

For topping, scoop 1 tablespoon of chilled yogurt into a bowl and add few drops of vanilla extract... Mix well and scoop the mixture onto the sliced peach... Finally, drizzle honey and sprinkle walnuts for crunch! 


The peach flavour was so rich after caramelizing... Pairing them with yogurt was absolutely divine... The yogurt offsets the sourness of the peach and gives it a light creamy sweet taste... This dish can be served as dessert or as a tea time snack... It's healthy and it's so easy to make... Hope you enjoy it!

Pan-seared Peaches with Yogurt topping recipe (Serves 1)

- 1 ripe peach
- 5g of white sugar (you can use brown sugar if you like)
- half tsp of butter

- 1.5 tbs of NESTLÉ Natural Set Yogurt
- 1 drop of vanilla extract
- 1 tbs of honey
- grounded walnut

- Rinse the peach and removed its skin
- Slice the peach into small pieces
- Place the sliced peach into a bowl and add sugar. Mix well.
- Heat up the pan and melt the butter.
- Add the sugar coated sliced peaches in and sear till it caramelized.
- Set the sliced peaches aside to let them cool.
- In a separate bowl, add 1.5 tbs of chilled yogurt and add 2 drops of vanilla extract. Mix well.
- Arrange the caramelized peaches into a plate, and add the yogurt topping over them.
- Drizzle honey and sprinkle grounded walnut on top and enjoy!

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