Friday, November 15, 2013

Kurumba Maldives- Sandbank Picnic

On our last day at Maldives, we've signed up for Sandbank picnic on a remote uninhabited island which is 45 minutes away from Kurumba Maldives resort... This excursion came with a price of USD85++ per pax and it's only available on Mondays and Thursdays... 

Excursion starts at 10.30am in the morning and we gathered at the jetty for our speedboat to remote island... Thank goodness that we do not have seasick because the sea wave was very strong and we were moving up and down vigorously for whole 45 minutes... 

 We were the only ones sitting inside the cabin and there rest of them sat outside... 

It's delightful to see a gradient of colours as we approach the island... The colour of the sea went from deep dark blue to turquoise colour...

Dark blue

Two toned blue


This was as far as the speedboat can go... Then, we waited for the staffs to set up a mini motorboat for us to reach the island... While waiting for them, we took the opportunity to take some pictures of the beautiful surroundings... The sea waves were pretty strong here and we had to be careful not to fall over...

Staffs are getting ready

The friendly staffs

Setting up the motorboat

Had a hard time balancing ourselves on the boat

360 degrees of turquoise sea

Sunburn from the day before

Balancing act

There were plenty of corals surrounding the island. Most of the guests preferred to swim to the island... Yes, me and my husband were the odd ones AGAIN... We were the only couple took the motorboat... Lol... We were very much happy to take the motorboat as our toasted back could not take another trip of snorkeling anymore...

The water is absolutely beautiful

They went through and fro to bring in picnic equipments

To our left

To our right

Since many of the guests went out snorkeling  we took the opportunity to take pictures of ourselves again... Vain betul... Hahaha...

I love this picture the most

Each of us were given a beach towel and each pair lovebirds (only couples joined this trip) will have beach umbrella set up on a place that we liked...

Hermit crab came over to say, "Hello"

Then we were served with champagne

It was a breezy day and we felt very much relaxed hiding under the shade... My husband dozed off while lying down and I spent my time by reading novel... It was really enjoyable to hear the sound of the sea, the wind and with him by my side snoring like nobody's business... So at 1.30pm local time, we were called to help ourselves to lunch buffet prepared by the staffs... 

The food was mediocre... Not much variety to choose from... We had to be careful on what we take because the strong wind will potentially blow your lunch away.... 

Maldivian rice, grilled veggies and yogurt dressing

Watching the sea while having lunch was great!!

Picking up shells
After lunch, we continued to hide under the shade... We were badly affected by sunburn the day before and spending another minute under the scorching sun felt like hell to us... I continued with my book and my husband resumed catching some Zs... We also had a few rain clouds swept by us with a brief shower of rain...

Rain clouds swept by

At 3.30pm, we bid this place goodbye...
Sad to the MAX.... T_T

See you next time

Honestly, I don't wanna leave this place... It's so beautiful and serene here... I had to pinch myself a few times to check if I'm really dreaming... This place made me realize that there are paradise on earth and I couldn't believe that we were actually here ourselves... I'm glad that we chose this place as our honeymoon destination and we made a promise to ourselves to come back to this place again... *bersemangat*

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