Thursday, October 13, 2016

Spinach Puree

The 2nd food she ate was spinach puree. I added breastmilk to thin it out and it tasted alright. She kinda likes it too coz she kept leaning forward for more. The second time I gave her was not mixed with breastmilk but I replaced it with virgin coconut oil. She hates it. Hahaha..

Spinach is a nitrate vegetable and there are a lot of articles of  frozen  homemade spinach will increase nitrate content in the spinach, which leads to nitrate poisoning so, it's best to consult with your paed about it. I didn't know about it till my cousin told me not to freeze spinach puree and it should be served on the same day. I only serve frozen spinach once. No more next time. 

Here's how I prepare it:

1. Rinse spinach leaves thoroughly and discard bad leaves (if any)
2. Put leaves into steamer and steam them for 3-5mins till they are wilted.
3. Drain the the liquid and transfer wilted leaves into the blender. 
4. Add water or breast milk till it reaches desired consistency.
5. Serve warm

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