Wednesday, October 05, 2016

First solid for baby Marshmallow

I started Marshmallow on solids when she was 5.5 months old and the first food I gave her was AVOCADO! Many mommies recommends avocado as baby's first food due to its easy to digest properties.

It's such an easy puree to prepare. Just mash it with fork or dump it into blender to get smooth texture. I added bm to adjust its consistency. I only fed 0.5oz of puree as a start to see how she likes it. 

Oh, she loves it alright! She is getting bored with milk only diet anyway. Haha. To be honest, it was my first taste with avocado too. I've never had avocado in my entire life before. Choosing ripe avocado was the hardest part coz I do not know what kind of firmness to look for. Luckily an old lady taught me how to choose a ripe avocado and saved me all the research. Hehe.

I ate the leftover avocado with toast and egg coz you'll never go wrong with it.


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