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Kurumba Maldives- Arrival

Day 2 is the day where we checked into our island resort called, Kurumba... This resort is the oldest resort in Maldives and it was first open to public on 1972... It was used to inhabited by fisherman folks and down the road some rich investors came in and turned this island into a beautiful 5-stars resort...

No.4 counter for Kurumba

We chose this hotel because it's the closest island from the airport and its transportation is the cheapest among others... Airport transfers in Maldives can be a rip off, especially sea planes transport... It can cost up to RM1,500 per pax for a sea plane... The mode of transfer to our resort is by speedboat which is way more economical...

Our boat. The staffs are so yeng!

What's cool is we had the whole boat to ourselves! It's actually a shared transfer and since no one was there yet, we got to travel to the resort earlier... Once we were inside, we were given 2 chilled mint-scented towels (which I really hate) and 2 bottles of chilled water... The lounging area is air conditioned and it's very cozy...

The staffs then invited us to sit at the deck to enjoy the wind and take more pictures... The boat was really shaky and we had a hard time climbing up the ladder...

Land ahoy!!

Super shaky and windy

Yay! We're here!

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by courteous and smiling staffs... They gave a brief introduction of the resort and led us to the business center to sign some papers... We were also given coconut sorbet and lemongrass scented towels... Once we had signed the papers, we were brought around for a brief tour and finally led to our room...

Our room, Deluxe Bungalow

Our cozy room with chilling air cond
Indoor and outdoor bathroom

My favourite part of our room is the patio.. The beach is just a few steps away which was totally awesome... It's quiet and relaxing here... My husband dozed off while sitting here during lunch time...

We spent most of our afternoons here to have lunch
Our room from the back
Love it!

The location of the beach was fantastic! We had the pavillion right in front of our sun beds, and we were a few steps away from Sand Bar...

The pavilion 

Each room will have 2 sunbeds labelled with room numbers... So no fighting over sunbeds!

Post card view

After satisfied checking out the area... We headed back to our room to rest and get ready for our Dolphin & Sunset Cruise later in the evening...  After taking a short power nap, we headed outside to check out the island... The best time to enjoy the beauty of this place is from 10.30am-3.00pm where the sun is at its peak and the light reflects the beauty of the sea...

From Kurumba's website

Replica of Kurumba's poster.. Hahaha.. Vain betul

The water is undeniably clear

No photoshop needed... This is the real deal

Beanies for guests

Sand bar

Definitely poster-like

The we went over to Ocean Bar near the jetty for sightseeing since nobody gathered there for the cruise yet...

Doing what tourist does

Plenty of sunbeds to barbecue themselves

Ocean Bar

Comfy but damn hot!!

Ocean Grill Restaurant

Hamakaze Restaurant

At 4.00pm, we gathered at the jetty and wait for our cruise

Hello fish!

Off we go!

Complimentary champagne onboard

After 30 minutes or so, the crew started clapping and whistling to attract a school of dolphins... There were other boats there to chase them around and we were lucky to have them swimming under our boat... Truly remarkable...

After an hour of dolphin chasing, we settled down to enjoy the beautiful sunset... It's great that the setting sun is obscured by clouds... 

Truly breathtaking
The crew is setting the mood by playing drums

With our red face after taking champagne

Reached the hotel at 6.30 for black and orange view

The day ended with scrumptious meal at the Vihamana Restaurant ala buffet style... The food was great and the atmosphere is cozy with dim lights...

White Reef Fish

That's a wrap for our first day at Kurumba

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