Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Constipation Woes

Ever since Marshmallow started solids, she had trouble pooping. She used to poop once every 2 days when she was exclusively on breastmilk. Her poop frequency is now once every 1 week. She is still looking happy, not agitated or anything. She just doesn't poop! I did spoon feed her water and I waited for her to poop everyday. It's like checking your underwear for Aunt Flo to show up!! I was getting really worried and only feed her solids 3 times per week. The amount I feed her was barely 0.5oz. Probiotics isn't helping too.

I brought her to the paed and told him about her not pooping for 1 week. She was due for her injection anyways so we're killing two birds with one stone. My paed is concerned by it and gave her a laxative tablet. It was inserted into her anus and within 30mins, poonami came..... I thought it was the end of her poop issue. 

Oh man, I was wrong. 

Week after week, she poops once a week and the stool she passed out is really HARD. It's DRY and I repeat, HARD!!! She was given probiotics and water daily. 

Nothing helps. 

I was so desperate till I gave her enema. She cried like mad and it breaks my heart to see her in pain. It's the first and the last time I will be giving her enema. No more.

So, I brought her to another paed when her injection schedule was due. This paed is concerned by this and she was prescribed Lactulose. She pooped 2 days after taking it 3 times daily. Did she pass more frequently after daily intake of Lactulose??? 


Her poop frequency improved from once a week to once every 5 days. I was so stressed out by her not pooping regularly. I did a lot of reading and many articles pointed out the remedy for constipation babies is to give fruits that starts with "P". Prunes, Pears, Peach, Plums, Papaya... I was betting on prunes because many mommies claims it gives their baby poonami. So I happily prepared prune puree and prune juice. 

Did it help her poop?

NOPE!!!! Sigh....

Okay, fine. I prepared Papaya puree instead. It's super effective for me so I was feeling hopeful.

Did Papaya work for her?
NO!!!!!! BIG FAT NO!!!

Fine... Avocado and Pear Puree, then.

Nope!!! It ain't working either!!!!

I even tried adding Virgin Coconut Oil to everything she eats and her poop frequency is still once every 5 days with hard stools. Argh!!!!!


One fine day, I thought of giving her Dragon fruit. I asked my paed about it and he said Marshmallow wouldn't benefit from it coz it'll go right through her. So, I asked around when it's the suitable age to give babies dragon fruit and it varies. I'm feeling desperate so, I went to the supermarket and bought one red dragon fruit.

Did it work?

*throws confetti*

I gave her dragon fruit every other day and she is now pooping once every 2-3 days. Her poop is now full with dragon fruit seeds and her stools are waaaay softer than before. That's good enough for me. So yeah, "P" fruits ain't working for her. Dragon fruit is the one which is doing its job well for her digestive system. Took me 2 months to find a solution for her poop problem. I need to find a substitute for dragon fruit coz it's a seasonal fruit and they are everywhere at the moment. 


*scratches head*

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