Saturday, August 31, 2013

Morib Beach @ Banting and FGS Dong Zen Temple @ Jenjarom

Happy Merdeka, Malaysia!! 

Today marks the 56th Independence Day and everyone is in the mood for some travelling today, and we are one of them!!! Hubby suggested to visit Morib Beach today and it is listed as a must go attraction in Selangor's tourism page... I'm pretty hyped up for this trip because I just LOVE beaches (not B****es, okay..) and I also can't wait to test out my Sony NEX-3N too... 

So, Morib beach is located approximately 60km++ from KL and took us about an hour to reach the place... Further south of Morib Beach is the famous Tanjung Sepat and Morib Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa... 

With the help of a GPS, finding this place is a breeze... There are plenty of road signs that will direct you to this place and there's also plenty of parking when you reach there... You don't have to worry about parking because there are plenty of parking space available... 

What's best is, the parking is FREE!!!

Here are some pictures I took with my Sony NEX-3N

You know you are in the right place when you see this

An awesome looking arch

It was a very windy and a cloudy afternoon...

I regretted that I didn't have my hair tied up...

Oh, I find this notice very weird to be displayed in this recreation place...
Perhaps this place is a hot spot for adultery activities...


Morib Beach is packed with families... Many children finds joy in playing bubbles and flying kites instead of iPads/iPhones, while the adults happily watching their children enjoy themselves... 

Now, that is what I called, family time...  

Love the bubbles

Syok sendiri playing jongkang-jongket

Picnic spots

Kite flying
There are plenty of nice spots for taking photos


Unable to climb up because the stairs are unusable

This place also reminds me of Chicago's lakeside
Drunken cat

Shell garden
Siput wannabe

This girl randomly went to the edge and just stand there combing her hair...

After tired of walking, we head over to Selera Makan where nice food awaits us... 
We chose to have satay for tea time (it was 4pm)

Satay Morib

From left, mutton, chicken and beef satay.
RM11.00 for 15 sticks and a ketupat

Coconut and cendol

Laksa Sarawak
The satay is amazing... The beef is surprisingly tender... Mutton is nice too if you can surpass the smell... Chicken is normal but tasted okay... Laksa Sarawak was alright... Tasted like Penang Curry Noodle to me... 

Overall, I think this Morib Beach is a perfect gateway for families... The environment and the food is great here... Definitely will come visit again if we have long holidays... We also had a "romantic" dinner under the rain... We reminisced about the good time we had in our university days while enjoying our meal... 

Rain is sentimental to us..

After the rain had stopped, we drove to FGS Dong Zen Temple which is situated in Jenjarom.. It took us about 20 minutes ride to reach this place from the beach... We spent about 30 minutes to visit the whole temple... What I love about this place is the lack of joss sticks (I seriously can't stand joss sticks!!) and plenty of trees here... The temple is surrounded by topiary, cute monk statues and orchids... Pretty nice place to visit if you asked me...

Free entry and free parking

This temple is full of trees and topiary trees 

The centerpiece of the temple

Awesome carving

Very spacious multipurpose hall

This place is also decorated with cute monk statues

Act cute

My husband's zodiac animal

The monk seems to like my zodiac animal a lot

Lambini Garden is very pretty

Love the topiary bushes 

Man made garden

One of the Buddhist pilgrimage holy building

It feels so refreshing after the rain

They have A LOT of orchids planted in the garden...
Feels very magical here

Well, hope you enjoy the pictures I took with my Sony NEX-3N and have a great holiday everyone!!

Selamat Hari Merdeka

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