Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mochi Sweets Pavillion KL

My parents came over to KL for Raya holiday and we visited Pavillion's Tokyo Street for snacks... A shop in particular caught my mum's eye and she couldn't resist to buy some home... The name of the shop is called Mochi Sweets and they specialized in making sweet delights made from glutinous rice flour, pure extraction of fruits, kidney bean and fresh cream...

The shop is located opposite Komugi Bakery & Cafe

Courtesy of Cheryl Chan's Photography
My dad said the packaging is soooooooooo elegant and nice and he's happy to carry the box of goodies home all by himself...

The box is really elegant and lovely... 
Black box is the "in" thing now.. 
It portrays elegance and sleekness in just about anything...

Inside the box contains mochi defrost information in bi-lingual (Japanese & English)

I love the logo too... It looks like snowflake :D

This is my favourite part, taking pictures of the mochi in the box... 
Look how cute they are!!!! 

Top row from left: Strawberry, Green Tea and Caramel Macchiato
Bottom row from left: Cream Chocolate, Mango Yogurt and Red Bean
They are about 2" in diameter and it's slightly sticky
Really cute

First mochi we tasted is, Mango Yogurt, RM3.50.
One word. Yummy!!
The mochi is soft and tender and the filling is filled with Mango syrup and whipped cream...
This blew me away

 Mochi #2: Red Bean mochi, RM3.50.
This mochi tasted normal to me, filling includes red bean paste and whipped cream.
Nothing to shout about for this.

Mochi #3: Cream Chocolate mochi, RM3.50.
The mochi is sprinkled with cocoa powder and it's bitter!!! The chocolate filling could not cover the bitterness of the powder and it's definitely a turn off.
 You have to be careful not to drop the powder on your shirt while eating it...

Mochi #4: Strawberry mochi, RM3.50
Filled with strawberry jam and cream and it's too sweet for my liking. It got me shivered while eating it... Ewww

Mochi #5: Green Tea mochi, RM3.50.
This is my second favourite after Peach Cream mochi.. 
I couldn't taste the green tea, though... But it's still delightedly sweet...

Mochi #6: Caramel Macchiato mochi, RM3.50
This is also too sweet for me and I'm not really a fan of caramel.
Too sweet!

 Honestly, I feel the mochis are overpriced and I personally thing our local mochi called "ang ku kueh" beats all these 6 mochis anytime...

They are cheap and not too overly sweet

Anyways, if you love to have Japanese luxury sweets like, Mochi Sweets had, you may head over to all these locations to get your hands on them:

Mochi Sweets Malaysia branches:

• Tokyo Street @ Pavilion KL (Lot No. P6.15.00, Level 6)

• The Gardens Mall (Lot S-K01, 2nd Floor)

• 1 Utama (Lot GK-102, Ground Floor)
• Sunway Pyramid (Lot F1-100C, 1st Floor, Orange Atrium)
• Gurney Plaza @ Penang (Basement 1, near Cold Storage)

Finishing the post with family picture :)

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