Friday, August 30, 2013

Fried Kailan

A hawker stall in Bandar Sunway has inspired me to cook this dish... The stall in Sunway makes the most delicious fried kailan and it's way cheaper compared to the ones they had in restaurants... 

I kept telling my husband how good this fried kailan is and how nice it would be if I know how to cook this dish... 

This is what my husband said to me:

Hubby: Go la... Go ask him how he cook la... 
Me: Duwan la... He won't share his recipe la...
Hubby: Aiya... Ask saja ma... That fella will share with you la...
Me: I'm scared la... You ask la...
Hubby: *shakes head and get up from his chair and approach the hawker*

I was ridiculed and followed him...

The hawker was surprised with my husband's question... He blinked for a few seconds and laughed... This is what he said, "You mau masak kat rumah ar? Senang saja la... Potong nipis-nipis, goreng saja. Tak susah punya"

Sure enough, he is right!
It's not that hard after all... *phew*
Husband said it is delicious too!! 

Thanks to my husband for asking the recipe for me...


- 500g of kailan
- 4 cloves of garlic
- 500ml cooking oil
- 2 tbs oyster sauce
- 4 tbs of water

- Seperate kailan leaves from its stem.
- Shred the leaves thinly (2mm width)
- Heat the oil in a wok.
- Deep fry the shredded leaves for 5 minutes till it turns crispy and set aside.
- Pour the oil out of the wok leaving approximately 1 tbs of oil is left.
- Saute minced garlic till fragrant
- Add in the stem and oyster sauce
- Stir fry for 5 mins.
- Dish out the stem and add the crispy kailan leaves on top

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