Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Road Not Taken

Remember one of the poems featured in our SPM English Literature subject called "The Road Not Taken"? It's a story about the other path that the writer (person or whoever he/she is) did not venture into... He was wondering, if he were to walk along the path that was not taken, what will happen?? Will it change anything his life?? Will it be different from what he's experiencing now?? Will he be as happy as he is now???

If i remembered correctly, the poem is about there was a point in his life where he had to choose between a stable job and a job as a writer... He was wondering, if he were to choose the stable job, he will be having leading a stable life with stable income... He wouldn't have to worry about creating a marketable story/poem to feed himself... Wouldn't have to worry is there anyone appreciate his story/poem... He wouldn't have to worry about how to pay his rent every month... He wouldn't have to worry about anything if he were to take the other road...

In the end... He took the risk and followed his heart... He chose to lead a writer's life... After some years down the road, he did well and became one of the most famous writer in the world!!! Best of all, he enjoyed every moment of it!!! Looking back, he was thankful that he did not take the other road... If he were, he wouldn't be the man he is today...

Moral of the poem???? Listen to your heart and go with it!!!

Fairy tale meh???? Not that easy lo....!!!!!!!!

Have you ever encountered a decision, which is sooooo damn hard to make??? Will you risk your safe zone to do what you really want?? Will you risk your entire future to do achieve something that you dreamed of?? Will you feel apprehensive to take the 1st step considering that, once you've taken that step, you can never go back??? Are you willing to gamble your happiness and give that decision a try???

I'm experiencing those feelings now... I fight with myself every single day!!! Weighing that decision every single day!!!!!!!! Although decision has been made... But I still have doubts over it... Am I selfish to think this way??? I will hurt either "them" or "them" even if I chose "to" and "not to"!!! Time is ticking and that decision's execution is getting nearer and nearer... What I can do is to stay firm to it and wished that I will end up grateful, happy and successful like what that poem expressed...

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chiewhuey said...

Mama Snake...
WHere r u working now..???
I'm also same like you lar..
The road not taken..
How r u??
That day me n nini just met for lunch break..when wanna snake out???

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