Tuesday, October 06, 2009


LDR... Long Distance Relationship... My most difficult hurdle so far... Sometimes, I'm positive about it, thinking everything will be alright... Sometimes I feel really blue about this... I mean really really BLUE... Seeing other couples hanging out together every single day making me really jealous and ask, "Why do we have to endure all this??"... Sigh...

7th November marks our 4th Anniversary together... We've been together for 4 long years, and this year is the hardest yet... I'm working in Penang and he's working in KL.. I really don't know how to make ends meet... 2011 seems so far and blur...

Really don't dare to think about the future right now... Hard to predict and plan at the same time... Sigh... One thing that keeps me going is the taught of going on a holiday together this December... Really looking foward to it...

No visits from him this month... Might have to wait till next month!!!! Argh!!!!!!!!

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yeeelin said...

hey girl!
Keep holding on! Need not be jealous but appreciate it!
~some may c everyday so lovie dovie but end up in a short relationship..
~keep holding on for LDR! you'll appreciate each other much much better once you guys are close to each other!

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