Monday, October 05, 2009

Random #1

Whee... I've just celebrated 2 birthdays in 2 weekends... Hmmm... Birthday sounds fun, right?? Well, it does sounds fun for my sisters but it burned RM100 out of my pocket!!! My younger sister's birthday is on 27th Sept while the youngest is on 5th October... I give them RM50 per person... Got me puke a few ml of blood after my paydate le!! Anyway, sisters ma... Kenot kira so much... Lol... That's what the "eldest" is expected to do for siblings... You know what they give for my birthday? A pat on the back and a "Happy Bithday, che!!" wish...


Anyway, I'd like to wish my cousin who will be sitting PMR on 7th Oct, BEST OF LUCK!!! Hope she'll make her dad proud!!! :D

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