Thursday, June 26, 2014


Been really busy and lazy to update my blog... I'm more active at Dayre since it's easier to upload photos from mobile phone... I'm keeping my Dayre private because it had all sorts of ramblings which are judgmental on certain things... 

I did cook new stuffs lately but as I said, I'm really busy... Usually me and hubby will hang out the whole day and came back feeling exhausted...

Last week we went back to Penang for short trip and we did detour to Ipoh for breakfast and mural hunting... For the past few days in Penang, I ate a lot of food that I really missed such as tomyam noodle, chee cheong fun, kuay teow t'hng... Gained a kg from all the good food... 

Also did went to visit hubby's relative and we are greeted with, "Hi, when are you both gonna upgrade yourselves as mum and dad?"... I mean, seriously?? I don't know why they like to bring up this topic... Why do you guys wanna know anyway?? This question really irks me... My aunt also asked, why your belly still not filled with baby?? Wtf... Does it bother you if we don't have a baby yet? Is it wrong to plan when we are ready to have one? Is it so disappointing that my tummy is still flat???

Apart from interrogation from relatives... All was good :D

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