Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm Engaged!

As per title... I'm proud to announce that I'm engaged :D

My bf has been telling me that he will proposed and he did "accidentally" make me see ring box! It did spoiled the surprise but he did a good job making me oblivious on when he's gonna do it!

A night before he proposed, we had a huge argument and there are tears involved... I was so mad and I swear that I will not talk to him for the next few days... The very next day after of huge fight, we have to meet with "dai kham jie" who will be our wedding coordinator during the day... She lost her way (we are supposed to meet at Jusco Maluri and she went to Kepong's Jusco Maluri =_=) and bf is feeling very agitated due to this and said I didn't give instructions on where to meet her clearly.. WTF... After meeting her, he suggested we go to Berjaya Times Square instead of Sunway Pyramid for dinner and he was grumbling all the way.. I just kept myself quiet the whole journey cursing every breath in my head... 

Upon arrival, he dropped me at Sweet Chatz dessert and ask me just ordered a dessert as he have to rushed to the toilet to have his "business" done... He even asked a tissue from me... Me sitting there with ZERO suspicion gladly ordered Mango sago to sooth my mood... He was gone for about 15 mins or so and still I have ZERO suspicion... I just proceed to play my iPhone game and suddenly there's a tap on my shoulder... 

I turned and I see him with a bouquet of flowers @_@
And he was grinning and it really surprised me... And I asked, "You're doing it here? Right now???".. He nods and he dropped onto his knees and asked, "Will you marry me?"... I swear I was shocked!! Suddenly his friends appeared and they are cheering "Marry Him! Marry Him".. The crowds followed them and joined in the shout... @_@

Then he quickly asked for my hand and put the ring on my finger...

Both of us have adrenaline rush and both of us have our hands shaking... His face was all red and his legs felt like jelly... I kept poking him asking why he have to be an idiot the whole day  and picking fights with me... He explained that all this fights are all in the plan... All idiot tantrums are to divert my attention @_@

Nevertheless, I'm really grateful for what he did... 
Thanks for making 13th Jan 2013 special :)
I love you!

The engagement ring is fitting nicely on my middle finger and it's awesome!

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