Monday, November 05, 2012

Taking a breath

I've been really busy for the past 1 month... I'm practically multitasking everything at the same time and I really need a break.. Been so busy with work and personal stuffs... I can't wait to go back to Penang to take a break before starting everything all over again... =__=

I just started a mini craft shop at Facebook and things are going pretty well there... As for our very own house.... Still pending as from now... And as for personal life? Stressful... It's from my other half's side... Though it affects him the most, I shared the same stress as he is... Never ending pressure for us to get married and fulfil their impossible wishes (ever thought about what we think????? ISH!!! This is a modern world!!! We don't say YES to everything anymore!!!)... Work is slowly stacking up for me and I got lots to learn!!! All about time management... Really got home beaten and exhausted... I just happen to bought N3DS for my sis and guess what?? The damn touch screen isn't working!!! The power adapter is not working well too!!! I hated all this unnecessary mess... =_=

Our anniversary is tomorrow and feeling zero excitement now.. 

I need a therapy to recuperate this tired soul... 

1 comment:

pik lay said...

rest well. We sama-sama work hard and relax at the same time

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