Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lightning Food Trip to Ipoh

Once upon a boring Sunday, my friend rang me up to go for a food trip to Ipoh for its famous claypot chicken rice at Bercham... Being a food lover myself, I immediately say YES!! Duh!! I would have betrayed my tastebuds if I say NO!!!

We took off from Penang at 4pm++ and the journey to Ipoh took around 2 hours... It's a smooth buttery ride with no traffic jams even with drizzle... Thanks to the ever useful GPS too for making us reach the place safely...

Upon arriving K10 Claypot Chicken Rice Restaurant, we quickly ordered the claypot rice (not to be missed), some fried dumplings, tasty meat balls and some greens... The food was AMAZING!!! I'm not sure if it's because we are hungry or the food is really tasty... We waited for 1.5 hours for the claypot rice, mind you... We were starving!!!! The best thing on our table is definately the claypot rice... Duh!!! That's the reason we drove 2 hours to Ipoh for!!! The rice is not sticky and each rice is coated with yummy marinated sauce... You can taste the chicken in the rice... No kidding!!!!  

After having an exciting journey with our tastebuds, we headed back to Penang and dreads the coming of Monday... Boohoo... On our journey home, we, girls are so silly and we came up with chinese desserts names for each and every one of us... We even started substituting foul languages with food names... Lol... We laugh till our stomach hurts!!! Here's what we've named ourselves...

Aww... Aren't we cute???

I have another picture with my friend, PhooiSan in the back seat as well... It shows how tanned I am... =_=|||

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pik lay said...

You are not tanned. Your friend is too fair

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