Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nedeje's Mille Crepe

I went to Melaka on 1st of Sept 2011 with my baby and I must say, I love Melaka!!! It's beautiful and the people there is amazingly friendly!! What makes me love Melaka is the Mille Crepe!!! There's a famous shop near Dataran Palawan that sells the most delicious Mille Crepe and that's Nedeje!!

We ordered 2 Mille Crepes and it was love at first bite!!!
OMG!!!  I love their Double Chocolate Mille Crepe a lot!! The chocolate just melts in your mouth like cream... OoooOOooh~ 
It's not too sweet too, just nice for my taste~

Next up is the Rum flavour, which is so-so for me... I don't really like desserts with rum... It tastes weird for me... Luckily my bf loves it... Else this baby will go to waste...

The cakes are a bit tad expensive but it's worth the money! Would like to try out other flavours sometime... Thanks to my bf for bring me there to try these babies! ^^

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