Sunday, September 11, 2011

Naruko's Narcissus Skin Care

I have purchased the full range skin care for Naruko Narcissus Line a month ago after reading great reviews over the internet and since my current skincare is running low, I decided to try something new and would like to share it out...

Honestly, I was skeptical to try new skin cares as some are just total crap and waste of money... I've been using direct selling products since I was 19 years old... My first REAL skincare is from NuSkin (bought Combi skin cleanser and toner, and light moisturizer called enhancer) and the second one was from Elken (Hydra series)...

NuSkin works for me till I turned 24 years old... At this age, my skin started to change, I realize my skin is losing its moisture, using the light moisturizer causes excess sebum (due to insuffficient moisture) to build and caused major breakouts during the time of the month... I'm also experiencing small irritating white heads emerging all over my face, sagging skin, crow feet and line around my mouth... My bf made a comment on the sagging skin of mine and it's making me worried... :( 

So, Elken came to my rescue!! An Elken direct seller came around to appoach me to try out their Hydra series skin care (consist of cleanser, toner and moisturizer) and upon trying it, my skin got a bit better than before! It's certainly more moiturizing than my last skin care... The problem is it's still not enough!! I still see fine lines around my laughing lines and I still see breakouts during my menstrual period... Not to mention, white heads still won't budge... Sad... 

It took me 1 year to finished the product and I stumbled upon Naruko's Narcissus skin care line and courageously give it a try... I got the full range for RM289 for 9 products at Malaysia's Naruko website... I bought an extra day moisturizer due to it's cheap promo (I'm so glad I did)!! After a month using them, I feel my skin has come back to life!!! Fine lines are almost gone, white heads disappearing, acne went MIA during the time of the month... Impressive!! What makes this line more convincing is that my bf notices the difference too!! He said my skin got smoother and clearer!! Whee!! Jackpot!!!

Here's what I used on daily basis:

A lot, huh? I don't use them all at the same time, though... It's divided to day and night, actually... I love the pot gellies (yes, they are spelled this way) the most!!! The night eye gelly (the smallest pot) is great too!!! Love love love them!!! They smell good and my skin feels like heaven!! You can fell the *toing-ness* on you face!! I'm still thinking whether I should get other night gellies/eye cream/sleeping masks or not... They are cheap and most importantly, they work!! Will review them more in depth when I have the time :D


pik lay said...

U have to spend 20 min every morning for skin care lol!

Suet Yin said...

Lol.. mana ada 20min.. me 5 mins kautim d... lol.. i'm fast and furious!

Stephy said... about it everywhere..i guess i should try too!

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