Friday, July 08, 2011

Long Gone But Not Out

I've been away so long till I've abandoned my poor blog... There is so much stuffs I wanna write here... My mind is like a viciously rippled water... So many things are going through my mind right now... Mostly is due to WORK... 6th of July 2011 marks my second year in Intel... Time really flies... I can't believe I'm still alive... Wait... Why the hell am I going and on about work... Tsk!!!

First up, I just wanna share my lovely dekstop's wallpaper... It is truly a beautiful shot from my Canon Ixus 95S... I can tell that my camera loves the green~
The dandellion shot was taken in Chicago... They are everywhere!!! The dandellions there are 10x larger than the ones we have in Malaysia... Urgh... Describing it makes me think of the lovely state of Chicago... I wanna go there again!!!

I'm in such a good mood!!!! Recently I've been watching Korean game show and it really did uplift my mood... My current favourite is We Got Married (Khuntoria Couple)... It doesn't seem like a game show to me... It's more like a lovey dovey reality show... The couple consists of NichKhun (2pm) and Victoria (f(x))... The most beautiful couple ever!!!! They are freakin' real!!! I hope it's real... They will make a great loving couple in real life!! Check out their photoshoot... Awww..... I'm so in love with them!!!

By the way, I just installed a photo editing software called, Photoscape!!! Damn!!! Where have you been all my life??? It's the best thing ever created!!! I love photo collages... It has colour enhancement too!!! Neat, huh?

Long weekend... I love it!!! I haven't had proper rest since my trip from US... It's all about work and work and work... Will appreciate my holiday this week... I haven't been doing any scrapbooking and cardmaking recently... Gets me on my nerves!!!! Gotta utilize my tools... They are expensive, you know!!! Grrr.... 

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