Monday, June 13, 2011

Nightmare from US to Malaysia

United States is the a great place to visit for shopping... But, the weather sucks like hell... One thunderstorm left 5 of us stranded for 4days...

One fine day on 10th June... We've casually went to Ohare airport in Chicago to board a domestic flight to JFK airport in New York... Checked in.. Wait for boarding call... Looks normal... Then, nightmare starts... Our flight was delayed 1 hour... Fine... Still okay... Then, we board the plane after an hour... Unexpectedly, the goddamn pilot asked us to sit in the plane for another hour for airport clearance... Boom!!! Out of sudden, our flight was cancelled... Damn!! We don't have any instructions, confused and worried... I asked around for help and the only thing they asked me to do is find a re-booking center... WTH!!! Where the hell is that?? I thought it was a counter... Mana tau... It's a mini telephone booth, which auto-dialled to American Airlines customer service... After calling, the agent told me there's no flight to JFK, New York till the 18th June... We were sure to miss the Cathay flight to Penang no matter what happens!!! The best they can do is get us to Newark, New Jersey's airport at 630am on 11th June... Ohare airport is kind enough to give us a small bed with pillows and blanket... We can't sleep either... It was freezing cold!!!!! We took 3 blankets and it's still cold!!!!!

11th June... Fly to Newark... Smooth flight... Upon reaching, our luggages are DELAYED!!! Damn!!! We asked them to send it back to Penang, and crossing our fingers, hoping it will reached home safely, without M'sia customes snooping... Then, we took a very expensive cab to JFK... Bloody bloodsucker... Charged USD85+USD23+tips... KNS!!! Right after that, the REAL nightmare starts!!! There's no flight ticket back to Penang... Fully booked till 18th June... We are running out of money, credit card is reaching it's limit, we are lack of sleep, you name it... We kept bugging the ticketing agent till he booked 5 tickets out of JFK... We were so relieved and it was short-lived... The agent booked the WRONG tickets for us... Die  lor... No tickets again!!!! The fella surrendered to his manager, Simon... Simon works his wonder and managed to get our names to the priority list for standby... We wait and wait and wait... Finally, only 2 tickets opened for us to HongKong ONLY... Only me and PuiYin managed to go home... My parents and my youngest sis bought 3 new tickets to fly back to Penang via China Airlines...

12th June... Reached HongKong safely... Upon arrival, we have 2 tickets confirmed to go back to Penang... Relieved!!! Baggage prob... We can't reached it... We trust Cathay to help us retrieve it and send it to the correct plane and they DID!!! Phew... The bloody plane had some technical problem and was delayed 30mins, got me worried sick... Technical problem doesn't sound so safe... Luckily, we got home safely... Me and my sis started to worry about the rest of my family... They just came back today!!! Whee!!! Everyone is safely home... :)

This is one hell trip... Me and Pui Yin took total of 6 flights, my parents and SukYin took a total of 8 flights, we all did not manage to bath for 3-4days... We have lack of sleep... We lose a lot of weight in less than a week, we spent extra RM10k for flight ticket, went through emotional roller coaster... What a holiday!!

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pik lay said...

glad that you are safely home..

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