Sunday, August 09, 2009

New layout + BF Birthday Outing


I'm finally back with a new layout. All thanks to Google for coming up with free templates.. Lol.. Well, first off, I'm finally Graduating this coming Saturday!!!!! Whee~~
All the hardwork in UniMAP has finally paid off.. I'm getting my 1st degree scroll.. Yippie!! This week also marks the 1st month working in Ixxxx.. Hehe.. I missed the cut off date and hence, no pay for the month of July.. Sad nia.. I'm really anticipating 20th August!! It's my pay day!! Whoohoo!! I've been so damn poor this month. List of stuff I HAVE to spend before getting my pay is:

  1. Petrol

  2. Food expenses
  3. Hotel expenses (for convocation)

  4. Weekend outing expenses

Sigh... Anyways, My baby just celebrated his birthday in Penang!! Enjoyed having him by my side again.. It's been a month since we've met each other.. Gosh!! I HATE long distance relationship. Miss him soooo much... >_<

He just got a job in KL and I'm proud of him for nailing the interview.. For the past few months, he's getting frustrated due to his jobless condition.. His peers have been telling him that they got themselves a job and it makes him verry worried that he'll stay jobless.. But, I'm glad that his jobless phase is over and he's being happy again!! *wink*

So, before he started working, he took the time to spend his birthday in Penang with me.. He arrived in Penang on 31st July and I treat him a nice dinner at Breeks!!

Mushroom Soup

Main Course:

Cajun Blackened Fish (mine) and Half BBQ Chicken with Honey Berry Sause (BB's)

The Honey Berry sauce is awful.. Eww... It's too sweet and it isn't nice to have it with a cooked chicken.. My fish is really nice.. Healthy and delicious.. Mmm~

So, the day after that, I brought him to buy some famous Penang traditional biscuits at Ghee Hiang. Basically, Ghee Hiang is the pioneer for this business before Him Heang.. I find Him Heang is overrated and expensive!!! Worst of all, their premise doesn't provide any parking space for customers. Lol...

Look who we have here... A young general.. Snapped this at a Gurney Plaza event.. Really cute!!

Can't wait to have an outing with him again.. >_<

1 comment:

yeeelin said...

hey girl!
Export yourself to kl la! The u wont miss him so much!
Come work here!!! Accompany me also!! LOL!

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