Thursday, December 10, 2009

December's Fun

I love December a lot... Mainly because I've been used to having long long holidays when I was a student... It is always a 1 month holiday for us... Primary school, Secondary school, University... All 3 stages of study life have their long break in December... Woohoo!!! Occasionally I have holiday trips too in December!! Best of all, I've spent a few birthdays while having vacation somewhere across the world!! Isn;t it sweet to be a December baby?? Seriously, I have never have a birthday bash in my life, where people go hoo-hah on my birthday... Well, except when I was a 1 year old kid... Hehe... It's alright, though... I'm used to it and I'm grateful that my birthday is in December!!! I have everything I need!!! Muahaha... This year's birthday will be celebrating elsewhere... Wheeee!!! Can't wait!! >_<

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