Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 (Part 1)

Today is the very last day of the year 2009... Well, 2009 has been a busy year for me... Full of ups and downs... I would say it's a very difficult year to get through... It's a freakin' transition year for me!!


Let me just summarize the whole 2009:


My final semester in UniMAP starts. Things are getting pretty busy for this particular month... Mainly due to Final Year Project we had... Everyone is rushing to finish it so that there's time to compile data for thesis writing. Kiasu-ness and kiasi-ness mood are contagious at this time of the year... Everyone wants to use that stupid machine to extract data... Me and my FYP partner is always in the lab early to book the machine to ourselves... I practically ward off those who wanted to use our tool... Lol... For classes, our Micro-E timetable finally relaxes... Only 1 MEMS lecture, 1 lab and 1 stupid Engineering in Society lecture... And... Best of all, I have only classes on Tuesday and Wednesday morning... Sweetness!!! I can spend most of the week in FYP, some thesis writing and ehem... pakto... :D


Marks the year of Ox in Chinese calender, all Ox babies are stamp with the "VERY BAD YEAR" on our very pathetic life!! I don't believe in this sh*t until I experienced it myslef... It is a very bad year for all of us... Some MNCs are declared bankrupt... People are out of jobs... It affects us who will be graduating this year... Many of us are worried whether we'll be getting a decent job... Some already started to ask their previous host company (intenship) for vacancy... Kiasu-ness is at its max!!!

My FYP has finally completed... No more waking up early to labs for RIE and AFM... Soooo proud of it to finish this early!!! What's left is my stupid thesis... This is a month for laziness... I began to skip lectures (even though there's only 2 lectures to attend)... Sleeping in my hostel, watching anime, surfing the net, play Pet Society, pakto, makan... That was life!!! At night, I will be watching TVB drama while writing my thesis... Compiling results... Trying to make my excel graphs as professional and clear as possible... At this time around... I've been chatting with my roomate till late at night... Laughing, dissing, whispering... So much fun!! My baby on the other hand is getting agitated with his supervisor that kept him calculating ridiculous stuff and made him travel all the way to Jejawi to let him shoot... He sulks all the way through dinner time... Kesian, bb... At this time... Me and my baby argued a lot... Due to the fact that I can't accept the fact that we are going apart... All those harsh realities he explained to me... I just can't bear it... It was difficult for me... Being together for 4 years... Suddenly we might have a long distance relationship... Well, one thing fun about this month is the Prom Night!!! Masquerade theme!!! Me and baby managed to attend it together... I was a blast!!! And it's a month for Malam Anugerah as well... Got onto the stage for the final time shaking hands with Dr.Zaliman!! Awesome dude!!! 


Aha... Thesis is ready to be submitted for my lecturer for correction/review... Pre-presentation came along after that... I was shot dead by a Jordanian Master student while I was presenting... I can't answer every single thing he questioned me!!! I do admit that I didn't do my homework, so... All thanks to him... I searched for info on the web...Covering all the areas where external lecturers are likely to question... Thank you, Alladin!!!!! It's that Jordanian master student, trust me!!! So, moving on... We reached the time where students are having bizzare sleeping disorder, emotionally distress, filling their cup with Nescafe coffee... Final exam time!! It was actually quite relaxing for me... I have already strived my max from 1st year... I didn't even bothered to study till the very last minute... I even skipped a few slides that I hate (which came up in the finals... Grrrr)... For the 1st time in my uni life... I practically have difficulty answering finals... Sat in the exam hall blank... Lol... I wasn't even bothered... Lol... My relationship life has gone slightly better... He finally got the idea how to complete his FYP and he had put to rest visiting his supervisor... That really makes him a happier man... My coursemates organized a get-together event in our hostel... BBQ!!! It was fun to cook together, laugh together... Playing Poison ball in our 20s... Taking photos... Ahhh.... It feels so sad that uni life is going to end... I had fun with my malay girl friends... They are really sweet!!!  :D


It's a relaxing yet torturing month... Finals are over... There comes the final hurdle... FYP presentation... Guess what!! My FYP presentation was being postponed till 6th May!!! Everyone's gone except my faculty... I sulked a lot... My bf has gone back to KL...

I have to leave Kg. Wai because I have no transport and my hostel had turned into a ghost town... I resort to staying in SinHuai's hostel at Wang Ulu... I don't know what I'll do without her... SinHuai, Ana and Afzan had kept me company throughout this lonely period... There was one time where we went to K.Perlis lab area to steal mangoes... Then, we went to a beautiful seaside to enjoy sunset with our BBQ-ed hotdogs... Such a serene kind of feeling...

So, right after that, it's presentation time... Everyone dressed their best and all are geared up for the big day... Everyone is memorizing their lines and kept refering to the lil notes they made... My heart was pumping hard... When my name was called, I felt as if my legs are turning into Jelly!!! However, once I start to present, I got calmed and just bombared my way through... I can even answered every question asked!!! Thanks to Alladin again!!! My lecturer asked the same question that he asked!! Phew!!! Finally.... A sigh of relief!!! I can finally think of wearing the Mortar hat!!! No more uni life!!! No more lectures that I can ponteng!!! At this point... I'm flaberghasted that I have survived... A Bio student with zero knowledge of elctronics can really graduate with an engineering degree...  

Nothing is Impossible!!


It's time for vacation!!! Finally I have the guts to tell my parents that I'm going to KL 2 weeks... My mum, especially was a bit apprehensive... But, she gave me permission anyway... i'm 24 and I've graduated... Besides, once I stared working... I will not have that chance to travel this long ever again!! So, I eagerly wait for my baby to come up to Penang to fetch me to KL... The feeling was sooooo good!! Free as a bird... I really cherished every moment we had... It was the sweetest visit to KL ever... After KL, I was practically sit at home and play computer games from 3pm-3am... I sulk 24/7............. And the fact that I'm going to start work in July makes me sulk deeper...  

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