Tuesday, August 09, 2016

When She Was 3 months Old

This is the month where her colic days are coming to an end and the rise of a high needs phase. She is more mobile so it's easier for the to pass wind to reduce tummy cramping. At this month she fights sleep and screams whenever it's time for her to sleep at night. 

She gained those chubby lil cheeks

She's now getting bored lying down and demands to sit upright like this.

She somehow grew instinct to roll over too.


Once she managed to roll over, she practiced every single day. She never gave up even when she knew it's hard for her to lift her lil head up after rolling over. She would asked for help to get her out of this position but as soon as i rolled her back, she rolled over again. Wtf.

She is more responsive too! 
She is able to engage eye contact and attempt to hold her bottle

She discovered her lil fingers too!

Nom nom!

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