Tuesday, December 23, 2014

1 Month After Miscarriage

It's been a month since the passing of my sac. I was so worried that I wasn't "clean" enough inside, thus delaying my first period. I was taking OPK everyday after I stopped bleeding and it was a very frustrating thing to do. The reason why I took OPK was to see if my body would return to normal. I've read a lot of forums and articles online indicating that hormones will only come back when HCG dropped to zero. So, I religiously took OPK every single night after work to see will I have my egg because once egg is released, progesterone will be released, after 2 weeks, period will follow!

Well, I did have my egg out, which is a good sign. Currently waiting for the first blood flow, it should be anytime now. Having cramps on and off now as I typed. 

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