Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trying to Conceive

Back in April, I went to a lady gynae to get myself check prior to baby making and I was informed that I had an retroverted uterus and a 2.7cm cyst. She advised me to get laparoscopic surgery done to remove the cyst and tie the uterus to correct position. I was flabbergasted and I couldn't speak for a full minute. I was alone then (hubby had work so I drove myself to the gynae for checkup). So I asked her for options and she said , "Honestly, with your endometriosis condition, it's gonna be hard for you to get pregnant. You may try to get pregnant now if you want. Else, I advised you to go for surgery. My patients get pregnant within 2 months after surgery. You may ask for 2nd opinion too."

Walao eh. I broke down after I left the clinic and told my hubby that it's the end of me. I'm never gonna get pregnant with that cyst! I cried like a drama queen and even messed up my period. Finally, I opt to try for baby within 6 months, if still no sign of pregnancy, I shall go for surgery. I was so damn sure of it.

Few days after I've calmed down. I consulted my cousin's wife on this issue. She recommended me to go for fertility specialist at Tropicana Medical Center for second opinion. She was hard selling the doctor there and I heed her advice and went there in July. The doctor was none like the lady gynae I went earlier. He told me not to opt for surgery as it destroys all the follicles in my ovary. He did recommend to do a basic fertility check before deciding the treatment. 

First: ultrasound check and background check
Second: Blood test on cycle day 2 on hormone levels
Third: Hubby's sperm count test
Fourth: HSG Xray to check for blocked Fallopian tubes

Everything came out normal and the whole process was agonizing. Physically, mentally and financially stretched! The worst was HSG Xray. It was painful (like period pain) and expensive. Good thing is it was believed to clear uterus and Fallopian tubes from mucus, loose tissue etc. Some people got really fertile after this XRay. The doctor also gave us Clomid to try in case we did not hit the jackpot this cycle. 

On my Aug 2014 cycle (after HSG was done), we thought we were pregnant because I was late! We were leaping with joy! However, things went really bad on cycle day #32, my basal temp started dropping, I quickly took HPT to see if I'm pregnant. Negative. Basal temperature drops further on day #33 and the day after too. I was harboring hope that it will go up the next day. Instead of  going up, I had my menstrual cramp at 5am with bright red blood! I broke down so hard till I had to skip work that day. Sigh. Viewing FB was agonizing for me. My feed is filled with babies and pregnancy updates. I was so angry at myself for being so useless. 

So on Sept 2014, on cycle day 2-6, I took Clomid as instructed and went back to the doctor on cycle day 11. Doctor was satisfied with the effect of Clomid as I have 2 big follicles, one on each ovary. Right was 18mm, left was 16mm. The doctor asked if we would like a trigger shot to initiate ovulation. Hubby and I unanimously agreed not to take the shot and let my body ovulate naturally. So, at the end of the session, he wishes us good luck and advised to diligently use OPK to determine ovulation day. So I did. OPK turned positive on cycle day 14 and unfortunately I was down with major flu! Well, I still insist to get hubby to try anyway. I'm very kiasu, ok! I don't wanna miss the chance this golden opportunity, the follicle is freaking big compared to no Clomid cycle! One of the reason of infertility is due to immature follicles too. So having such matured size follicle is really a low hanging fruit! 

The very next day, my basal temperature shot up indicating ovulation is over. We still tried just to make sure. Now, we are resting and we are waiting for confirmation with my fingers crossed!!! 

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