Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tri-coloured Fruit Popsicle

I used to love tri-coloured Popsicle or commonly known as, Traffic Light Popsicle... I happened to get inspired to make this when I was reading a creative Popsicle recipe book at MPH a few weeks ago...  The only tool missing for making this was, the Popsicle stick... 

Why are you so hard to find???

Without this, it's impossible to make the Popsicle... Luckily, I found the perfect Popsicle stick from Daiso... It's waaaayyyy better than the bleached wooden Popsicle sticks... The trick to make this popsicle is to layer it carefully and try to keep the stick upright as shown below...

How convinient!

It took me about a day to make this and it's very easy... All you got to do is to prepare 3 types of fruits... I used Strawberry, Mango and Kiwi... Blend each fruit individually and layer red first, followed by yellow, finally green... After a few rounds of freezing, you'll get a very colourful yummy Popsicle!


To make the colour intense, try to blend the fruits with minimum amount of water... Just add enough water to get your fruits blended... Adding too much will lightened the colours and taste... Enjoy!!!

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