Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pangkor Day 1

I had my very first trip with 20 people to Pangkor Island... Usually I have trips with a group of 4 people... Hanging out with 20 people?? That's crazy!! All of them are my bf's friends and they are really friendly and they can't stop calling me "ah sou" =_=|||

Before starting our journey, we had a pit stop at the Sungai Buloh petrol station for bio break and petrol filling...

After driving a few hours or so... We decided to have a  detour to Bukit Larut, Perak to visit the leaning tower and bought local yummy biscuits.

So after satisfying our mini shopping spree, we continued our journey to Pangkor Jetty... 
The whole journey to Pangkor took approximately 3 hours or so... 

Through and fro boat ticket costs RM10 only
30mins is all we need to reach the island

Upon reaching Pangkor, we were greeted by local pink van drivers that are hungrily asking us to take their service

The hotel is only 10mins drive away and we can't resist to take photos inside the van!

Ahh.. Coral Bay hotel...

We rested a bit and we did some dipping!!

 After puas mandi air... We had our dinner at Pasir Gobak Restaurant.. The total cost for dinner is sooooo cheap!!! Rm250 only!!

After dinner, everyone proceed to the hotel for chit-chatting as well as PS session

That's how we end our first day at Pangkor :)

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