Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Busy Birds!

Have you ever seen a pair of birds, working hard flying all around collecting all sorts of twigs to build their perfect nests??

Yup... That's what we did for the past 1 month... 
Picking "twigs"... wth!

We really do feel like birds ourselves... We did all nonsense travelling to all sorts of malls finding the perfect priced necessities for our new home every single weekend... Hunting for every sales event... Comparing prices... Feeling proud after we got the best deal among other places... Fuh... Moving to a new place is really tiring and fun at the same time!!!! Our final item will be arriving this Saturday... 

The mattress!!!! 

Our most expensive item in the house... It better be good!!! Mattresses nowadays is really expensive... We most reasonably priced of them all... Managed to bargained a free bolster from the sales person too! *super proud*... I can't wait for the weekend to come!!! Already imagining covering the bed with my newly brought a very "chio" bed sheets and pillow cases that I manage to bought for less than RM50 at VivaMall... My bf's mum did gave us a set of bedsheets but they were.... Erm... Looking like ah pek's shirt... I can't bring myself to use that... =_=

Sorry aunty...

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