Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lights lit up the gloomy night

This is a very backdate blogpost of mine. I managed to visit I-city, Selangor during Raya holidays in September. I just love all the beautiful LED lights shining softly across a very empty space. It's suprising this place isn't known to many people. Only the locals there know about its existance. So, the entrance fee to this place is RM10 per car. To get there you have to pass through 2 tolls and a dead straight highway. It is very far!!!! Here are some gorgeous pictures of the place~

I love this white LED tree~
A landscape full of colourful trees~

This is one of my favourite trees too. Cherry blossom looking LED trees~

Fauna decorations

This store opens at the correct place

This section of the place is a crap. Snow wonderland that requires visitors to pay.

This is such an awesome tree. Stunning!!!

It is sooooooo beautiful.. White and pink makes a great combo colour~

Orange tree~

All thanks to my dear for bringing me there~


pik lay said...

i-city is quite near for me but i never been there because I don't like outdoor thing in Malaysia Haha. I think in my family only my 2 younger sis went there before because of peer pressure (university friends wana visit!) :P

Suet Yin said...

Hehe... Cuba Pergi satu kali ler, go test your DLSR... :p

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