Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Seoul Garden (Sunrise Tower)

There are two different Seoul Garden Restaurants in Penang... One is at Sunrise Tower (ala carte style), while the other one is at the lower ground floor of Gurney Plaza (bbq buffet style)... I've been to both but, I personally recommend going to the Sunrise Tower mainly  because............


Not only the price is reasonable, the food and their service is spectacular!!! They even barbeque for you, if you should order chicken bulgolgi, or any other food that is to be barbequed...

Without further ado, let the pictures that I took do the talking~

Korean Malt tea

Refillable side dishes

Types of Bulgolgi..
(Top left = pork, Top right = chicken, Bottom left= Beef, Bottom right =serve with lettuce and side dishes)

Nakji Somyun!!
The best thing I've ever tasted!! It's a spicy korean octopus spaghetti-like dish... Indescribable taste of heaven~)

Chap Jae
Another favourite of mine!! Glass noodle stir fried with veggies and chicken. You've got to give this a try!!!

So, seen enough?? Did the pictures make you drool?? It certainly got me dripping saliva all over my laptop!!! :)

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