Saturday, August 14, 2010

My first attempt to cook

I've been browsing a few blogs for fun reading... Some are really inspiring, while some are really fun to read... Recently, I've been bitten by a cooking bug ever since I started reading Pik Lay's blog... My buddy is really good at cooking and it really fishes out my curiosity to try it out myself... 

So, first up... Dinner for today comprises:

1. White Radish soup
2. Stirfried Mengkuang
3. Boiled brocolli with Oyster Sauce
4. Stirfried Chicken with Soy Sauce and Oyster Sauce

The process:


My my my... Cooking is really fun and tiring at the same time... I woke up early to visit the wet market for ingredient shopping, tried slicing the mengkuang and the carrot as thin as I can, cook as calm as possible, fuh... !!! But I'm glad that the food was edible and it tastes yummy!! All thanks to my uncle's recipe for the mengkuang dish, my dad's recipe for white radish soup and my mum for guiding me in the kitchen... :)

1 comment:

pik lay said...

Not bad wor Buddy! You have great potential

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