Sunday, April 25, 2010

Candlelight Dinner

On a lazy Sunday of mine... I decided to make my favourite dinner, Scallop Porridge...


It's really simple to make, all thanks to a slow cooker (I loke technology!!!), which is best used to make porridges/soups... I love making Scallop Porridge due to it's salty taste (Yes.. I love salty food)...

So the ingredients:

Rice (of course!!)
1 cube of chicken stock
5-6 scallops
An egg (which to be added when the porridge is cooked)
Fried garlics (additional kick to the porridge)
Sesame oil (this is essential!!!!)

The aroma and the texture of the porridge is so awesome!!!! It's just the way I like it... Not too thick... Not too salty... So, after everything is done... Scoop up an adequate amount of the porridge to your favourite bowl... Add the fried garlics at the center of it to make it more appetizing!!! *drools*

So, what does all this have to do with my blog entry, "My Candlelight Dinner"??? Lol... After my wonderful porridge is done... The electricity in my house went dead... A portion of my housing area seems to suffer from the same situation too (not too bad, eh??)... My family went out for dinner that, leaving me behind with my truly awesome porridge... My mum helped to lit up a candle for me at the dinner table... It truly is my candlelight dinner... I'm alone in the house, having dinner in a dark living room, with only a candle as a source of light... Imagine that!!! 

It is romantic, well, if my bf was here... *giggling*... I do enjoy myself eating in this situation, though... However, it really does feels kinda creepy after awhile... Lol...


pik lay said...

WHy are you eating alone on Sunday? Your family eh?

Suet Yin said...

Family went out to makan... I malas to go out... So cooked my own dinner :D

yeeelin said...

your porridge kill the electricity la! ahaha! Too sedap still TNB jealous! LOL!

Suet Yin said...

eeekk.. blame my porridge pula!!

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