Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thai Beef Salad

I have been craving for this for the longest time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've done some research on this recipe and I find Jamie Oliver's recipe for Thai beef salad is the most interesting one... He is such a genius!! He used 5 spiced powder to marinate beef steak and pan fried till the skin turned crusty brown... OMG!! The combination is out of this world!! The sweet and sour dressing just ties everything together... Awesome...

This dish is very easy to make and it only takes about 15 minutes...

The meat is crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside

- Tenderloin beef (200g)
- 1 unripe mango
- 1 picolino cucumber (Japanese cucumber)
- 1 tbs of sugar
- 1 tbs water
- 2 limes
- 5 spiced powder
- 2 cili padi
- 4 tbs of oil

- Juice the lime and add sugar and water to taste
- Sliced mango, cucumber and cili padi thinly
- Mixed everything together and chill in the fridge
- Marinade the tenderloin beef with a generous amount of 5 spiced powder for 1 hour
- Heat the pan and add oil. Fry each side of the beef for 5 minutes.
- Rest the cooked steak for 5 minutes
- Slice the beef into bite sized pieces.
- Bring out the dressing from fridge and mixed well with the sliced beef and the Thai beef salad is served :D

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