Monday, August 19, 2013

Fruit Popsicle revisited

I made Fruit Popsicle last month and I'm not satisfied with its appearance... The thinly sliced fruits are way to light and they float immediately when juice is added into the mold... 

This link describes my first attempt on making Fruit Popsicle

This time, I make sure that the fruits are big and visible enough when the popsicle is frozen... *grins*

Here are the ingredients I used for this improvised fruit popsicles:

From left: dried cranberries, cubed strawberries and kiwis,
and a bottle of low sugared yakult

As for the juice, I used orange juice again because it's sweet and it goes well with kiwi and strawberry... You can use lemon juice as well but make sure you add sugar into the lemon juice, else, the popsicle will be too sour!!

For this time round, I'm feeling adventurous and I made strawberry-yakult flavoured popsicle (my dear friend, Michelle suggested this combination to me) and surprisingly,  both of them are very compatible with each other... When both combined, it taste like strawberry milk... Yumz... Oh, please DO NOT mix yakult with kiwi... It'll make you puke... Trust me on this... Kiwi and yakult should be taken SEPERATELY!!! 

Words aside, here's how the popsicles turned out

Looks better with chunky fruits, right??

Another word of advice, do not put too much fruits into the mold... You won't be able to enjoy the sweetness of your juice if the fruit overcrowded the mold... You ought to have perfect balance between the amount of juice and fruits to make the perfect popsicle...

Homemade popsicle tend to melt faster. So better finish them fast!!

My strawberry, dried cranberries,
kiwi and orange juice combo

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