Sunday, August 18, 2013

Komugi Bakery and Cafe, Pavilion KL

This bakery makes the most beautiful Japanese breads, cakes and confectioneries!! They are vibrant, unique and very pricey too... Every week when me and my husband hang out at Pavilion, we always go through Tokyo Street to check out fantastic Japanese food and merchandises. And I will always spend 5 seconds to take a peek at Komugi's bread department... 

The haul.
Melon pan (the bun which is on the left from the bottom row) was finished by my sisters before I had a chance to taste it


Now, this 3 buns below caught my eye every S.I.N.G.L.E time
Look how cute they are!!
They deserved to be brought home!!!

This fella is called, Honey Pumpkin bun.
Not too sweet and it's really good. Finished it all without taking pictures of the filling.

And this buns which looked like real apple are, Green Apple bun and Red Apple bun.

The bun is palm sized and they "bruise" and "wrinkles" easily due to their hollow center

The filling tasted like apple pie fillings and it's really too sweet for my liking... 
As you can see, only the outer layer is coloured with red while the insides are fluffy white...
Not sure if the colouring is natural or synthetic, though...

Here's another shot of the green apple... Doesn't taste any different from the Red Apple bun.

I'm thinking about trying their cakes and tarts next time... 
They look more lethal than their breads.. Haha.. Hope they are not too sweet as I was born with a broken sweet tooth...

I tried Mango mousse cake by Komugi which was bought for my colleague's birthday. 
The mousse is soft and creamy and the mango flavour is subtle yet fragrant...

I love how instagram filter makes this cake look sooooooo mesmerizing

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