Tuesday, August 02, 2016

When She Was 1 Month Old

It's kinda a get to figure things out kind of month for me and my family. My confinement was done by my mom and I didn't really adhere to the "traditional" rules. I kinda broke every single one of them. Hehe... So far so good la...

As for baby, the pediatrician advised not to take "Sou Hap Yuen" for the first 2 weeks coz it will aggravate baby's bilirubin level . She started to have jaundice at the end of Day 2 night. I gave the nurses the green light to proceed with UV treatment. Her level went down the next morning and she's good to go home with me but it went up a lil after a few days. Klinik Kesihatan nurses said she looks yellow on the face and it's progressing down to her chest. So off we went to Klinik Kesihatan every other day to get herself poked for bilirubin level test. We did exposed her under morning sunlight with her very chio eye cover.

She was sleeping all the time. So, I had to wake her up every 2 hours to feed. This encourages her to poop and pee more so bilirubin is expelled from her body.

When she turned 2 weeks old, she started to be colicky. She would cry through the night and it's totally inconsolable. We kept going to the pediatrician for help. The rashes on her face is terrifying too. It was a very warm month. Seriously warm. You could cook an egg on the tar street within seconds. 

I practically cried with her throughout the night coz I have insufficient sleep, engorged boobs, inconsolable baby and post natal blues.

See how tired she was? All the scream crying brings the whole household down including herself.

She had her first headbands when she reached fullmoon too!

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