Monday, August 01, 2016

I'm a mom!

2016 is a year for my family coz we had a baby! I still can't believe I'm a mom to a living human being! It's so surreal and she has been my everything since the day the HPT stick gave us double line. 

Introducing baby, Marshmallow!

I could relive her birth day over and over again but I'm not gonna go there coz it's gonna be a super long post if I do so. Anyways, why Marshmallow? It's because she was sooooo silky soft and smooth when I first touched her. I've never touched anyone's newborn. So, it's my first time touching something so soft and delicate. So yeah, Marshmallow it is!

Her birth is also somewhat dramatic too due to fetal distress after I was given a drip to speed up my dilation. I almost thought she is going to die inside of me. When she re-bounced, my tears flowed like waterfall. It was tears of relieved. 

When she was out, she gave us sleepless nights due to her colic. Colic is super stressful. Family almost broke apart due to her excessive screaming. 



I kid you not! How can someone so mall learnt how to scream for few hours straight? I thought she's gonna die from crying. I was like what did I signed up to. What did I do when I was pregnant till I gave birth to a colicky baby? I went to 5 pediatrics and each doctor told us the same thing, "She is perfectly healthy and there's nothing you can do except waiting for her to grow out of it."

"When?", I asked.

They all unanimously answered, "3 months".


I shared my story with some of my friends and a few of them thinks it's due to dirty spirits, advised me to bring to a medium to cleanse her. To make matters worse, my mom blames it on my breast milk. Every single day she told me it's my breast milk contains "wind" that makes my girl colicky. She wants to feed my baby formula milk and deem it's more nutritious than my milk. Wtf, right?

So, did I back down?

Nope! I did not. 

I stood my ground believing breast milk is the best I can give my baby and every single day, I chanted "It shall pass! It will go away in 3 months time". I don't remember how many times I cried with screaming Marshmallow. It breaks my heart to see her cry till her face turns red. It almost made me divorce my husband too. Colicky baby destroys families. I really kid you not. 

It does.

Now, she's 4 months old! How time flies! 

I can't remember when her colic suddenly disappeared overnight. When I brought her back from Penang, she would scream for 4 hours straight and only sleeps at midnight. I'm so glad her colic phase is over! She is now a super active and playful baby! She knows how to let us know what she likes or hates very well. She loves rolling over and smiles whenever i sing "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands".

She never fails to surprise me everyday. It warms my heart when she smiles at me. It makes all the night wakings worth it.

I love you, Marshmallow!

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