Thursday, July 19, 2012


My colleague hosts a potluck event last Saturday and everyone is invited to bring a variety of food for the night... There were famous Kepong roast duck, Puchong satay, Malaysian favourite, ayamas chicken, Klang fried rice/noodle, bak kut teh, homemade "lok mei" desset, fruits and ehem... and Domino's bbq pizza!

Both wore the same top

Lenglui preparing the fruits

Famous Kepong roast duck

Ehem.. I bought Domino's pizza over

The yummy wine fruit cocktail

Awesome homemade dessert

The girls

The food was great and what's greater is a big group having dinner together!

After dinner, we played with the cute shiba inu called Haru

It was definately a fun night.. We end the day with a full stomach and great laughs :)

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