Monday, December 05, 2011

Strawberry Daifuku

I made Strawberry Daifuku last Sunday and I was soooooo excited to try it out myself!!! I love sticky mochi-like desserts like "Hoong Ku", "Luo Mai Chii", "Muah Chee" and glutinous rice ball (tong yuen)... Ever since I watched the how-to video from cookingwithdog, I've been wanting to do it... So yeah! I made it!!!

The process:

End Product:

The whole process took about 4 hours to complete... Cookingwithdog made it so easy!!! Darn... Most of the time is spent in wrapping the mochi onto the red bean ball... It's so hard!!! I wasted half of the glutinous rice flour just to get the texture right... Some of the daifuku is covered with too much potato starch making the mochi bitter... Heartbreaking... The only thing edible is the strawberry... I guess it's better to buy from dessert stall than attempting to make it myself... Too much cleaning and waiting to be done...

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