Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My "Chickens" aka "Sisters"

Out of a sudden, it struck me that I really appreciate to have siblings... I have 2 younger sisters; elder one is stuck in a miserable place called Perlis universiti called Uni$%&, while the youngest one is snoring away at home at this moment...

It's funny that we had nicknames for each other,

Me: The Pigeon
PuiYin: The chicken with the nickname Sparky
SukYin: The turkey

But... Generally, when we are grouped together, we called ourselves "The Chickens"... 
(Weird... I know...) 

 What's nice about having sisters are :
1. They can go shopping with you without feeling bored
2. Gossiping
3. Share clothes :D
4. Bully each other when you feel like it..
5. A pair of ears that listens to you...
6. Remembers your birthday

Being the eldest is not easy... You gotta take care of them (did I??)... Foot the bill... Teach them stuffs that they have trouble with (e.g homeworks, projects), drive them around... etc... etc...

But nevertheless, I love both of my sisters... :D

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