Thursday, March 04, 2010


Lately, been so darn busy and I don't even have the chance to take a nap after work... Sigh... I noticed that I have REM deprived sleep... Seems like my body is working very hard to repair itself while I sleep... Hence, causing my body to be restless even with 8 hours of sleep (I have never had 8 hours of sleep since holiday is over)... I've read it somewhere that REM is what makes us feel refreshed in the morning... I've been sick over the weekends... Felt really weak, heaty and lack of energy... My poor body system is really working damn hard to save me from falling apart over the weekends... Every morning, I woke up feeling like I've just slept less than an hour... Oh, did I mentioned that I woke up everyday feeling like an old lady with bodyaches all over?? The pain goes on from day to night... No joke... And the pain increases everyday... But, one thing that I like about this situation is that I slept immediately after closing my eyes!! I used to have some difficulty to fall asleep... I have to imagine a story to help myself to sleep... Yawn... Blogging about sleeping makes my eyes droopy... Yawn...

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