Friday, January 22, 2010

Rough week... for a good night sleep

Been experiencing lack of sleep the entire week... yawn... I kickstart this week with no monday blues and enthusiastically do my own work... I feel refreshing every Mon... So, no complains there... Then comes Tuesday... I hate Tuesday!!! I have Tuesday blues... Grrr... I start to feel demotivated for the upcoming Wednesday, Thursday and Friday... To make things worse... My beauty sleep has been disrupted by gastics and dogs!!!!!!! On Tuesday night the stray dogs were fighting among themselves and echos throughout the whole flat... On Wednesday night, one of the dogs kept barking non stop downstairs and yes, it woke me up again!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday was the worse night... A dog hhas been howling for God knows what... Hated why dogs do that... I had a dog before I move to my flat... My old dog likes to howl for a good 10-15mins every morning at 6am!!! Sigh... I just hope there's not any disruption tonight... I want to have some REM sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sleep deprived...

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Julian Chin said...

Yo! Ya seem to be handling life quite well. Staying in Penang now? For good?

Kenny Rogers was packed we walked away really stuffed plus a RM100 voucher. Lol..


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