Thursday, January 07, 2010

2009 (Part III)


Woohoo... Last post of 2009... Phew.... Final month of the year... My favourite month ever!!! This month is full of events... Trip, Birthday, Christmas and PDC Beach Blast party... I'm feeling lazy to write all the details... Pictures speaks a 1000 words... :D

Hong Kong Trip:

PDC Beach Blast:


It's been a difficult year for me... Basically, it's a transition year... From being a student to an adult, who needs to provide for the family... I've met lots of wonderful people throughout this year... They made my working life less torturing and gives me the reason to go to work... Me and my baby has been in LDR for 8 months... Including Jan 2010 would be 9 months... Well, the good news is, we are still together!!! All thanks to Firefly Airline that helps me to travel to KL... Love between us is definately still strong and I believe that we are going to stay that way to the end!!! He's the best gift I've ever had... I do hope that we can proceed to the next stage of life, which is Marriage.. All those Facebook pictures are giving me pressure!!!

Astrology 2010 predicts a good year for a Sagittarian Ox... Career, Relationship, Finance... Let's hope that it's true!!!!!!!!!!!!

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