Sunday, October 05, 2014

Green Tea Latte Recipe

Long time no blog! Been busy for the past few months and I was too lazy to blog... I did cook occasionally during my hiatus from blogging and the food that I cooked are repeated stuffs.. So today, I'm feeling productive and here's what I did, Green Tea Latte!!! I was watching Ochikeron and she made this really simple Green Tea Latte... It was soooooo easy and all you need is a RM5.00 milk foaming tool from Daiso. Easy peasy.

Prepare the green tea syrup by mixing 50grams of sugar and 15grams of green tea powder. Mix well.

Add in hot water little by little until fully dissolved. I didn't measure how much water I added in but it made up to 100ml of syrup.

Here's the fun part. Go Daiso and buy this awesome tool. You would need 2 AA batteries to get this baby work.

Warm 200ml (1 cup) of milk and submerge the foamer into the milk and let it run for 30 seconds to 1 minute. You will see foam forming up. 

Finally, pour 1 tbs of green tea syrup into a cup/fancy mug, pour in the whipped milk and scoop up the foam and place it at the top to create the "latte" look. Sprinkle some green tea powder to make it pretty for the camera!

Easy as ABC.

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