Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fruit Popsicle

After reading Fruit Popsicle post from Just One Cookbook, I immediately fell in LOVE it and I told myself, I MUST MAKE MY OWN POPSICLE!!! Well, I only have limited ingredients to play with... I only have mangoes, 3 strawberries and 7 oranges... So I have to make every fruit counts!! 

I bought Popsicle mold from Daiso and the sticks are pastel!! Lovely!!

RM5 only!!

I have to hand squeeze orange juice the old fashion way and it took me approximately 30mins to squeeze the juice out..

I will be using orange juice as my base flavour... Well, you will never go wrong with orange juice... They always taste GOOD!!

Mmmm... The oranges are really sweet...

I minced strawberries and mangoes so there will be chucks of fruits to bite on the popsicle

Love the colours!

I also blended mango, strawberries and orange to make mixed fruit Popsicle

Here comes the fun part... Pouring the juice and blended fruits into the mold .. Arranging the minced strawberries and mangoes into the mold is very tricky... I used chopsticks to arrange the chunks in the mold... 

Honestly, don't bother to arrange the chunks... 
It moves around when the juice is added in...

I'm salivating!!

Finally, place the filled mold in the freezer for 24 hours...

After agonizing hours of waiting...

Jeng jeng jeng!!!

Not bad, huh???

It took sometime for me to get the Popsicle out... 
I need to run the mold in running water for 1 minute for to pull it out!

It is really refreshing and my husband loves it!!
The only complain I have is it melts very easily, so we have to finish it as soon as we can!!

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