Sunday, November 25, 2012

Chocolate Mille Crepe

I went back to Penang for a break a week ago and me and my sister teamed up to make our mille crepe... Me and my bf made one few weeks before I went back to Penang and well... Everything has its first time and the crepe cake was..... below satisfactory... It's edible but I couldn't take it... Believe me! The crepe was good!! But the filling is not up to my expectation... Back to me and my sis teamwork... 

I was thinking to make a chocolate mille crepe (well... anything made from chocolate will definitely edible)... I was playing it safe because I wouldn't want to waste the ingredients!! So, I googled to see if there's any awesome recipes available and I did find a few but I made some adjustments as the ingedients used by them are awfully expensive!! Especially semi-sweet chocolates... I substituted it with chocolate syrup instead!! Clever thought by my sis!!

Preparing the crepe

Mix it well

There's bound to be clumps which will be filtered later with a mesh

Heat the pan in slow fire and add a ladle of batter and viola! Chocolate crepe :D

Kena buat pose dulu!

After the crepes are cooled to room temp, prepare the filling (We used whipping cream and you gotta need an auto mixer for this.. This process nearly broke our arms)

Fill them up and they are ready to be chilled in the freezer for a few hours.

Finally, upon serving, drizzle chocolate syrup on top of the mille crepe
Oh yummy......

Get a sharp knife and cut the crepe into serving pieces..
So, there you have it!

Chocolate Mille Crepe

I'm very proud of our homemade mille crepe!! It was actually good!!!! 

Love it!!

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pik lay said...

Looks yummy ;) Love how the chocolate drip from the side in the last pic .

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