Friday, August 10, 2012

Bf's Birthday at Tony Roma's

August is a birthday month for my bf and he was anticipating it a lot!! It's the first time we celebrated his birthday at the exact birth date... Usually we celebrate a week earlier or a week later due to LDR... I wanted to splurge dinner for my bf and Tony Roma fit's the bill perfectly...!

Oh look,
I drew a heart for him using Tony Roma sauces
Childish, huh?

As starters, I ordered Tony's Sampler and it was furiously big and finger licking good...
Sampler includes onion loaf, baked potato, and spicy buffalo wings..

Then I ordered the superstar main course,
Ribs and Salmon.

The portion is ridiculously huge and I was patting myself on the chest telling myself, 

"Luckily I did not order another main course"
The main course was HUGE!!

I particularly like the grilled salmon.. It does not taste fishy and suprisingly goes well with lemon juice... I was a bit disappointed with the ribs... It was cold, tasteless and hard to chew... Bf was loving it so much... Probably it's his birthday... All the food he ate tasted wonderful to him... =_=

Last but not least... 
I ordered birthday dessert which was complimentary!!! They didn't even asked for his I/C!! 
Bf was smiling like a kid when the dessert came with lit candle... 
He kept telling me to take picture of him making a wish... 

It was a fun-filled birthday dinner and we ended the day with big belly and huge smile on our faces :)

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