Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Dolla The Jack Russel

My uncle had a new addition into his family! A witty 5 weeks old Jack Russel Terrier! 
Tada! Meet Dolla, the super mischievious dog!!!

It's super hyper and it only concentrates on our hands and feet... It likes to sink its teeth into us... He really bites!!! Ouch!!! Being 5 weeks old, it's able to go into toilet and finish his business... OMG!!! It's really impressive considering a dog without having trained at all!!!

Having him in the family makes Benji and Munny really jealous and their position in the house is deeply threatened... Benji resorts to beg for attention...

While Munny... Being a sleeping beauty to attract our attention...

Munny being camera shy even let me snap a close up picture of her...

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