Monday, December 27, 2010

My LOVE-ly Scrapbook project

This is my pilot scrapbook project and it took me a few months to figure out what i wanna do (layout, photos, themes, etc) and getting all materials ready. Scrapbooking is a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery expensive hobby. A 12" x 12" cost up to RM2 and above. Don't get me started on the clear stamps. The price for the clear stamps and stamp pads are ridiculous!!!

Scrapbooking can be economic if you know how to utilize the materials around you. I used magazine snippets and craftshop's ribbons and embellishments (which cost me half the price of what the scrapbook shops that are selling). I spent approximately RM50 per month for papers ONLY!!! It's pretty expensive but once I've finished a page, it was priceless!!!

Here's the cover of my Love-ly scrapbook 

The 1st page

2nd page: When We 1st Met

 3rd: HER Page

4th page: HIS page

It was fun building all these pages... It is challenging when I was planning out the layout... I tested my skills on my bf's page and realize that I've violated RULE#1 of scrapbooking.... DON'T PUT TOO MUCH PICTURES in a page... It is so messy!!! Well, lesson learnt!! Luckily I still manage to save the page from being so disasterous...
Making scrapbook is like making memories into a book and I will definately NOT abandon this hobby EVER!!!! I've dumped a lot of hobbies in the past... For the record, photography is my oldest hobby, apart of taking long naps... Scrapbooking will surely add into that record :D

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